Kevin Tenney, Director

Elizabeth Fields, Writer, Producer

Janet Fields, Producer

David Dirks, Executive Producer

Harry Manfredini, Composer

Logan Long, Special Effects 

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Don' Let Them In the movie... 

Six friends, on their annual camping trip, are having the time of their lives, enjoying the lake, roasting marshmallows, and telling scary stories around the fire. As the night goes on, four gruesome stories are shared... the story of Mike and Kathy, a young couple who has come to ease their ailing aunt's transition to better living... or so they say... the tale of Jake and Amy, who get more than they bargained for on a romantic getaway turned nightmare... the story of a vengeful spider, on a mission of terror... and the tale of siblings, Sam and Emily, who have developed an insatiable appetite for human flesh. As the night grows darker, and the tales grow stranger, the friends begin to realize that some stories should be left untold.


Meet the Cast 

Don't Let Them In the Movie is Based on.....

26 May 2016

Kevin Tenney is prepping horror anthology Don't Let Them In READ MORE HERE

What People Are Saying... 

The film is based on stories from Elizabeth Fields' books Don't Let Them In and Still the Shadows...

Some stories should be left untold.... 

Meet the Team

26 May 2016

Iconic Director Kevin Tenney Returns to Direct Don't Let Them In

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“Love the book. Stoked for the film! Cannot wait.”


Billy B. 

Santa Margarita, CA

Don't Let Them In

The movie

"I will watch anything Kevin Tenney makes. He is a horror genius! I can't wait for Don't Let Them In. It's going to be EPIC!!!!"


Debbie E.

Lompoc, CA

25 May 2016

First Word on Don't Let Them In DIrected by Kevin Tenney over at DREAD CENTRAL